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This website provides the real-time cumulative number of visitors and number of callings through passenger ship that has been called at Dokdo since May 1997.


Dokdo Map

Dokdo is an island located at the eastern end of Korean territory, with an average annual visit of 210thousand people, which is 0.4% of South Koreans.

There are 700 to 900 times of ferry services per year, 15~30% of which are restricted its' service due to weather condition such as high waves, fog, and strong wind.

Even if the vessel is departing the port, it may not be sure to berth on Dokdo under the local weather condition. So Visiting Dokdo gives us a more special experience.

How to go

To visit Dokdo, travelers should take a passenser ship from the port of Pohang, Hupo(Uljin), Mukho(Donghae), or Gangneung. Most of the ships have their own schedule to Dokdo via Ulleungdo. It usually takes 100 minutes for passengers from Ulleungo to reach Dokdo.

Plan your trip

Passenger ships to Dokdo usually operate from March to November, and navigable during daylight hours(07:00~15:00). The schedule may change depending on the weather, so please contact a terminal, ferry company or travel agency for more information.

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